Jainsite was started in 2006 by the inspiration of Muni Shree Bhagyachandra VijayjiMaharaj Saheb. Jainsite was first started as a monthly magazine called “Jainism for Jivan Vikaas” where the articles were published every month in Hindi and English. These magazines were then sold to readers across India. Since couriering these magazines to readers in the US was not feasible, in 2008 Jainsite started a website so that Jains all over the world can access the information published here daily by which people are made aware of the happenings within the community.

Services provided :

  • Jainsite ID Card – Discount offers can be availed in various hospitals, business houses and educational institutions on presenting the ID Card. Members are encouraged to make their ID cards if it has not been made as yet. The card application can also be filled online.
  • Bulk SMS Service – Members can promote their business activities or send any other religious information through the Bulk SMS service. Interested members can get in touch with the Jainsite team for further information.
  • Jain Matrimonial Service – Eligible boys and girls can find life partners of their choice within the community.
  • Jainsite Bhavan – There is a Jainiste Bhavan in Palitana which comprises of Gyaan Bhandar, Sadhu-Sadhvi Vaiyavacch and Dharamshala
  • Jainsite app is available for download on Android phones.
  • Live Telecast of events are done on the Website, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram page
  • Information of Jain Tirthankaras, Dev – Devi, Tirth, Dharamshala, Sthanak, Aacharya, Pratikraman Vidhi, Jain Vidhi, Tattva Gyaan, Jain Recipes, Jain History, Pachakaan etc. are available in written form and videos on the Website, YouTube and Facebook page. Jain E-Books are also available in DVDs and Pen drive.
  • Latest stavan, videos, aangi pictures and other happenings are posted on the Website, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram page
  • Detailed information of 108 Parshwanath Bhagwan is also available
  • Daily a question about Jainism is posted on Facebook and Instagram

Members can also send pictures, videos, stavan or any other information related to Jainism so that it can be shared with Jains all over the world.

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